B2B Business Structured Company

Established Since 1992

Who We Are

We have been supplying cars, commercial vehicles and Heavy Equipment Worldwide since 1992.We are situated in a central state of USA & JAPAN where we can provide worldwide shipping to almost all Countries with Lowest prices guaranteed! 

We actively participate in all  major Dealer Auto Auctions (170, 000 cars weekly), local Auto Auctions(145, 000 cars weekly) and Government Auctions in JAPAN,  U.S.A and Canada. Our professional staff exhaust all resources available for pre-screening of selected Cars, Trucks and Heavy Equipment before they are delivered to our customers. We strive to provide high quality and best lowest prices Automobile and Heavy equipment  to our clients around the globe .This is our way of assuring that you are getting the best deals and the best cars and equipment that is out there.
  Hassle free environment:
We have  grown our services  all parts of the world where retailers and wholesalers are having  tough  time  getting  what  they  want  without going  through hassle. We manage and operate our own Auctions for Dealers and Wholesalers. We are a trusted source for many dealer and buyers around the globe for last two decades with a PROVEN TRACK RECORD.